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to the SYSTART shopping portal! Our mission is to develop, produce and market innovations which are here to last. The range of our products runs from electronic to purely mechanical applications such as the KeiLaRa kitchen utensil bar – no drilling or gluing required. Thanks to our retail partners, we also offer complementary products which tap the full potential of the SYSTART technology.

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Bike LEDs - Dynamo-powered

Do away with your old bike light and switch to LED technology! Thanks to our adaptable range of E10 and P13.5s light caps, our bike LEDs fit into nearly all conventional bike light sockets, making the transition to LED so much easier. Our bike-LEDs are equipped with rectifiers and overvoltage protectors which are specifically adjusted to bike dynamos. We also provide red LED taillights so that you can enjoy allround visibility day and night.


LED Lamps – Battery-powered

Tired of low batteries? Replace your old torch or headlamp bulbs with energy-efficient LED lamps! Our LED lamps are equipped with E10 and P13.5s light caps for maximum adaptability. You can apply the SYSTART LED lamps to 1-9V direct voltage systems. Luminosity amounts to 100 Lumen.

Case Modding

Case Modding – Pimp your PC

Does your PC case need more oomph? Let there be light! Our LF-Modder transforms your old 5 1/4 inch disk drive tray into a colourful light show which you can configure to your own desire. Case Modding has never been so flexible.

LED Tiles

LED Tiles

Master the art of decorative lighting and take your bathroom or kitchen interior to the next level. Our homogenous LED tiles are fully protected against jet water in accordance to IP65 so that they can be installed in any environment prone to spills and moisture, such as your bathroom or kitchen. Alternatively, you can use our LED tiles to illuminate other areas of your household, present the products of your company in a new light or replace your old house number plaque with something fashionable. The sky is the limit when it comes to LED tile applications.

Power Supply Meanwell 16W 24V DC

Power Supply

We offer various switching power supply units manufactured by Mean Well. For our LED-tiles, we recommend the power supply unit APV-16-24.

Kitchen Utensil Bar

Kitchen Utensil Bar and Attachment Systems – No Drilling or Gluing Required!

Our patented clamp mechanism attaches the kitchen utensil bar firmly so that you don’t have to resort to drilling or gluing:

No more damage to your walls, cables and furniture.

Quick installation and residue-free removal.

Embedded Technologien / Programmieradapter

Embedded Technologies / Plug-free Programming Adapters

Spare yourself the trouble of programming your microcontrollers with edge connectors! Use our six-pole programming adapter with pogo pins instead and save board space and money for edge connectors in the bargain.

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Was die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten von LED-Fliesen betrifft sind der Fantasie keine Grenzen gesetzt.
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